Wednesday, February 09, 2005

knick knacks...

Superbowl XXXIX. The Patriots won. Surprise, surprise. Though it was a close game, somehow i miss the drama i watched from previous superbowls. There's something about Adam Vinatieri's clutch kicker with falling snow in the backdrop. Or i just miss janet jackson's right breast. hahaha

TAR. The models won. How wonderful. Another reason why the world is fair, especially to beautiful people. No, i'm not bitter. I'm just sarcastic.

Coffee. My body starts to crave for it. My skin doesn't break out anymore when i go guzzle up those javas. That's good, but this is very bad...

Chinese New Year. Kung hei fat choi to all the tikoys and non-tikoy's out there. Speaking of tikoy, still got a few more boxes left over. If you want one, pick 'em up at my house. Or else i'll just keep them and try to "grow" an experiment. (Got an ang pao from my aunt, yehey for me!)

Ash wednesday. Didn't eat meat today. I'll be dreaming of burgers later, im sure...

To a friend. Im always here. Thanks for the trust. Love you, always.

Blogging. Got von to do it. Im a bad influence. Spank me.

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