Sunday, February 13, 2005

kins and kebabs.

it was my second wake to attend to in the last four weeks. This time, it was missy and tj's lola, whom i saw lying in her deathbed when i went to their place in new intramuros almost two weeks ago. Missy and t.j are jr's cousins. Beautiful people, inside and out. They visited here for their annual vacation in manila. The death wasn't really unexpected, though still as painful.
I really don't like going to wakes (who does anyway?). A roomful of mourning people feels so draining. It's like having your energy sucked out of your body. Then there's the smell. Mortality. It reeks. Wakes are a constant reminder. We're not gods. We die. And while we live, we're expected to live. Death lingers. Make it a worthwhile pilgrimage.
* * *
As if going to the wake wasn't uncomfortable enough, practically the whole peralejo clan was there. I have a big family, but jr's family is as big, minus the appetite. That night he went through the rounds, making "mano" to everybody, while i stand there behind him, being introduced to every single elder in the family. Out of the nine 2nd gen. peralejos, 2 of which are abroad, 5 are present. Let's see if i get this right...
Of course, there was Tito Robert and Tita Remy, Missy and Tj's 'rents. The first time i met Tito Robert was in their house in new intram. Chikador, major. Parang tito boy, is that you? hehehe. There was Tito Monet (who jr lovingly refers to as "bossing") with Tita Veron, his wife and Nikki. Tita Veron, as always, is nice, eversince the first time i met her in their Cubao office. She always made sure i was comfortable. Nikki ("little bossing" according to jr), i have been with for several night outs already, and the girl has no mean bone. If i was to personify nice, it was Nikki. Then there was Tita Gigi and Tito Renan, Trisha and Pauline's 'rents. i met them before in Temple at Trisha's party. (side note: Trisha and Pauline are the warmest cousins, not to mention the most kalog cousins of jr. Baet, promise.). Then, there was Tita Mary Ann, whom i just met that time. Then of course, there was jr 's parents, whom i, when the need comes, i would still refer to as "sir" and "ma'am". Lucky for me, such an intance still hasn't risen. (Eto winner...) Then he introduced me to his lolo and lola. His lola, sitted amidst the girls (Tita Gigi and Tita Mary Ann) gave me a smile. Of course, i nearly peed in my pants by this time. Then i had the chance to meet his lolo. The man was all of 86 years, and still by this time, if he wanted to kick jr's butt, he can. Sure, he has people to do that for him, but if he pleases to do it himself, he could. With all the colorful stories i heard about him, from Jr, trish and pol, the man is a character. Karakter talaga... Here are a few of my favorites...

*In Malaysia...he was riding in the lift with Trish and Pol, then a couple of Indians rode in with them. Apparently, they smelled. Their lolo, known for being "passionate", said with conviction, "PuT@#$#@ mga bumbay to, bat ba ayaw nyong maligo?" O di ba karakter?

*In Hongkong... tired with tea houses, they decided in would be fun to eat in Jollibee... Hongkong. (Oo, pumunta sila Hongkong para kumain ng Jollibee). His lolo, fond of chickenjoy, ordered some. It was chickenjoy alright, but with those little bread rolls. Again with passion, "Put@*&$%# chicken joy to, walang kanin, tawagin nyo nga yung PuT@&%*^$ manager dito, paano ko kakainin to walang kanin?" Ang saya, grabe!

Last night, again one of those moments...
Jr: Lola, mauna na po kami. Susunduin ko pa po si TJ.
Lolo: Ah o sige. Ako jijingle muna. San ba jinggle-an dito?
Jr (whispering to me): This coming from a former court of appeals justice.
* * *
Last night was also the first time i met Missy. I have spoken with Missy over the phone last year. Jr and I have just started to go out then. Missy and Pauline was trying to convince me jr was a great catch (yes, he is). This was while they were out partying at Eastwood. Missy, since, flew back to Australia. Since they were here, i had catched a few seconds of her over the phone, making plans to meet up so we could finally meet each other. Yesterday wasn't really the occasion i pictured it to be, but the lady that she is, she made me feel like it was a normal meeting. She said hello, a kiss on the cheek and asked if we were ok. Then she sat with me all through the mass. I heard little sighs. Then, she turned to me, ask me if i'm ok, i said i was, then asked "are you?". She just smiled. Then she broke down while singing the Lord's prayer. She held my hands as tightly as she could. I gave her a hug afterwards and she again hold onto it. At that moment, i did my best to comfort her, i, the girl she barely knew for just 20 minutes. But i didn't know who became more comfortable, her or me...
* * *
Hysterical moment of the night: Scott a.k.a. "white boy", tj's friend, went to the wake dressed to kill. I almost died laughing in the car. Apparently, the poor Aussie had smuggled champagne from down under, hence, had no room left for clothes. He bought everything here, including his underwear.If you could only see him... dude, where's the partey?
* * *
The craving for persian cuisine has been tormenting the heck out of us since last week, so after the wake we went to Behrouz in Timog. The plain was cozy (see: small). But appently, it's the place to hang out in for all young urban people in search for kebabs. Some people were dressed to impress, which seemed weird at first, but then they were beautiful people, so i am in no place to mock. hahaha. The place was packed, so in lieu of the car-honking, smoke-blowing, al fresco dining, we had to eat upstairs, same food, but with A/C. I had the not-so-sinful shawarma, with all the wonderful sauce you can stand chuggin down and lamb kebab with grilled tomatoes, while jr had the taka, the beef tenderloin kebab (obviously, i have my family's appetite). For a tiny piece of meat on a stick, the thing was very filling. It was the kind of place you eat-and-run, and they had a grill out for to-go orders (had to remind myself if i want some quick bite). Next week, it's gonna be inasal. I'm salivating already.

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ma-ma-ma-my shawarma... (lallie, you're hilarious hahaha) ...
ang cute ng placemat, floral... hahahaha.
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