Wednesday, February 02, 2005

that red maya...

i keep seeing this red sparrow in our compound. She (i assume she's a she, 'cause she's in hot pink feathers, otherwise he is one gay bird, no pun intended, hehehe) Birds love to drop by here, maybe because of the nice, slightly breezy weather, or just for the reason that there are barely three people here during the morning, and for them this is one wild, free place. Funny thing is, he or she's not really born red, im sure. I think it's one of those birds kids buy in front of churches during sundays. Those that are caught, dipped in dyes of every conceivable color, then sold and bought by kids who torture them to death. But this bird was one of the lucky few, one of those who got away. She found a few friends who fly with her in the morning and annoy the heck out of my big dog, "Brownie", who as you can picture, in an askal in brown fur. (How imaginative, naming a brown dog "brownie". If i could only bottle this and sell it, i would be a millionaire hahaha) . That lucky bird... If only people could just fly and be free, this would be one happier world...

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