Tuesday, February 15, 2005


This is how my Valentine's went. I had breakfast, then i cried. I had lunch. then i cried. I was afraid to eat dinner cause i might cry. I didn't, but i still cried.
So i had a major crying spell yesterday. My eyes are still sore today. If i could only spend the whole day with my eyes shut, i would. Apparently, i can't cause i'm not rich enough. Too bad.
* * *
Jr brought me breakfast yesterday. He cooked salmon and eggs for me. Aint' he sweet? I knew i caught him offguard, but my female hormones just kicked in and i bawled my eyes out. Afterwhich... well, you know what happened...
* * *
I guess everybody now in urbania know about the valentine's day bombings yesterday. It really hit close to home for me because Jr was there. The moment I knew of the blast, I knew something was wrong. I immediately tried calling him, but he didn't answer. Moments later, i was relieved he texted me. The police are talking to him. He was on the MRT platform waiting for his ride home from school when he heard the blast. Everybody just fell to the ground (the ayala station was underground, and they thought it was an earthquake). Then people started running. He then thought the blast came from the mall. ( I would have been shaking if i was actually there, but he didn't care a bit. Some drama queen *ahemahem* was on his mind.) Then the next thing he knew he was being talked to by the police.
* * *
Somehow, i can't avoid but to entertain the idea of what if's. What if i lost him right at that instant. I can't. I won't. Thank God i don't have to. It still gives me the shakes until now. He just left half an hour ago. He wanted to see if i was ok. He spent another breakfast with me. Someone up there still looks out for us.
* * *
Over the weekend. We went to the mall. We were actually too tired to think of something else to do, so going to the mall was always the generic answer. I dunno if giving lallie the shakes is the in thing right now, but while inside that mall the power went down, at least, 6 times. It was a friggin disco.
There's something about me and power shutdowns in malls. Probably one of the most embarassing moment of my life happened at the Shang. Just came from Dee's place to finish a project. My ride was picking me up at the Shang, so Xtf dropped me there. Called up the driver, but he was still stuck in edsa so i decided to go inside the mall to pass time. So i had to go through this revolving doors. Of course, with my luck, the door's went out and i was stuck inside one wedge. I was a friggin fish in a fishbowl. Never went back to the Shang again. The guards might remember me.

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