Friday, February 11, 2005

my other boyfriend...

i have issues. I can't help it. Tao lang.

I love my tv. I'm obsessed with it. Once i get into my room, the first thing i look for is my remote. There had been many times when i unwittingly brought my remote when im out. Can't help it. Force of habit.

Many of my worst tantrums involves something weird happening to my remote. Case in point. I once went ballistic on my boyfriend because the friggin' remote control won't work. It was an ugly sight. I was sobbing and throwing everything around just because the thing was stuck. Add to that, years of tv addiction had put a toll on the buttons on my tv so the thing won't budge. So i was there, hysterical and completely gone wacko (of course, i didn't seem wacko for myself then, I had my reasons hahahaha) and the poor boyfriend had to find a way to get me a new remote. We went to the mall in half my jammies (yes, i was desperate) and bought this remote you program to your own set. I had choices, this expensive one or the more expensive one. I didn't care at that point, so did my beb, so we just grabbed the one that looked more "cute" and went home. Then, i was fine. The tears stopped. I was one happy camper when i started to jump channels (which always makes my bf's head ache, but it's ok 'coz he loves me). Ok, that sounded like I'm some schizo (maybe, why not?) . My beb even hinted i have a weird relationship with my tv (maybe, why not?) but he understood. He never again fought with me with the shows i wanted to watch. He just sleeps through them. The ordeal was too traumatizing for him hahaha.

Lately, got used to sleeping with the t.v. on. The sounds all turned down, so it's just pictures. Plus, i sleep with my back to it, so yeah, i should just buy some nightlight. But i like my t.v. Baka magtampo (hahaha, im definitely sick). I'm trying to find some ways of putting myself to sleep, other than watching a silent electronic box. Maybe, i should just finish that book that has been taking me ages to read. If anyone reading this has some kind of solution, tell me. As you can see, i need the help. One thing, burning the t.v. is not an option. Let's not go there.

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