Tuesday, February 08, 2005

happy, now sad... happy again... then sad...

got a lil sad yesterday... so for a happy note...
finished my new project yesterday, got a couple of blankies from my "retail therapy", was desperately wanting to add some color to my room, as if it isn't loud enough hehehe... anyways, hooked them up with clips and circular rings and tadaahhh... instant window treatments. i feel so happy... yeah, mababaw ako. call me bi-polar, i don't care hahahaha.

my new treatments... b-e-a-utiful... hahaha

right now... watching the super bowl... finally had the time... supposed to finish it last night but i was too tired so i slept through it, was almost tempted to hunt for the results in the web, but i got a hold of myself, it's halftime right now, sir paul's playing and if i were on E, i would be so damn ecstatic...ooohhhh, lights...

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