Saturday, April 30, 2005

What's in it?

Someone up there really loves me. Whenever i find things to bitch about, He always hands me things that make me crack up.
We're on our 14th month. Hahaha, take that! (pat on the back) Who knew i could stand being monogamous for the longest time ever? I am such a good girl. And we celebrated it by having dinner at Jay-J's. Naturally, we had chicken inasal. I'm craving for fish, hence that sinigang na bangus belly. And i absolutely love talongs lately (hahaha, that does sound naughty) --- ok , eggplants, so we had it with bagoong. There was something off with the food, coz i can't help but scratch every inch of my arms, plus i kept on touching my face, which i DO NOT do. Midway through the meal, i finally put my finger on it. "Beb, may gata ba sa bagoong nila? Waahh allergic ako sa lahat ng malansa na may gata! (hahaha, what's wrong with me this morning?)" Thank heavens, they gave out complimentary turons, its arterial-clogging goodness saved me. Masarap ang turon ni Jay-j (somebody stop me already). Lesson learned: Know what you're eating. You're not 6 anymore. Even fear factor contestants know what they're getting into. Stupidity can manifest in the form of rashes.

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