Sunday, April 10, 2005

Falling without wings.

since beb is practically a part of my family and he's already used to me dragging his healthy behind around my family affairs, i think it's only proper if i come to one of his, being fair and all. so dressed in my most kagalang-galang newly-bought ensemble, i went with him and his siblings to tagaytay highlands to celebrate with his family on their grandparents' 56th (i think) wedding anniversary. it was lunch at China palace then an afternoon of the young at heart lounging around having adult conversations while the younger ones dipped in the pool. the place is admittedly beautiful, but i'm not blown away. honestly, i'm still wondering what is with all the hype about the highlands. maybe, i'm just more of a sea and sand person now rather than being fond of hills and mountainsides. Or maybe because i get more psychotic around places where i could "fall" to my death. No, i don't have a fear of heights, rather i am "drawn" to edges in places of high altitude. Somehow, when i am on top of mountains, along those familiar zigzagged roads, i always find myself wondering what if i jumped out of the car and run to the side of the mountains and "just fall", or whenever im in tall buildings looking down from somewhere on the high floors, it tickles my mind to think of just having a "free fall". I am not a suicide case waiting to happen, and though the thought of simply falling crosses my mind, i am sane enough not to heed the call, to the relief of my ex-flatmates in Loyola Height Condo (i miss my girls, we should have dinner sometime soon). haay anyways, here's some wonderful view of the affluents' playground tucked in the mountains of tagaytay and my love affair with vanilla ice cream.

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sunny paths ahead...04.10

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landscapes at the highlands...04.10

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yummy... 04.10

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