Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Disappointed is a lover's word.

Since we've been under a movie drought lately, beb and i went to powerplant to watch a movie. He wanted to watch Guess Who? (Ashton Kutcher's movie) while i wanted to see Finding Neverland (Johnny Depp's). We compromised and settled with Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman's movie ---the Interpreter. Turns out to be one great choice, a very intelligent movie. I always thought it was so cool to be a linguist, and nicole kidman nailed the part down to the stress in her tone. She was so believable. Makes me wanna speak another language --- but i digress. Anyways, it was one of those movies that you wanted to watch again and go, "Ahhh yun pala yun". It deals with politics, ethnic cleansing, and a little hint of romance. I even thought that makes one more movie genre, you have romantic comedy and now romantic thriller. And it has one of the most memorable lines i've heard of in a movie. Memorable coz i so can relate. When Keller (Sean Penn) said to Sylvia (Nicole Kidman) "Disappointed is a lover's word.", beb and i started laughing, to the bewilderment of the couple seated next to us. Beb is so used to me saying that word that he practically throws it out before i do. Beb: I know your not mad at me, you're just disappointed --- which, more often that not, is true. But he always makes up for it, big time. Basta the movie's great, so glad we caught it, besides i am no Ashton Kutcher fan.
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worth the 150 bucks...04.25

Post script: Tokyo-tokyo no longer serves pork misono. Bummer!
And yeah, beb got into an accident, again. Be careful beb, always.

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