Thursday, April 21, 2005


it's my second time to change url, the first was out of vanity. I was going for cute and meaningful after realizing there are sickos out there and posting my whole freaking name isn't such a good idea after all. However, this time hurts coz i had to change it out of necessity. my last url is, pardon my french, fucked up. it won't freakin' publish properly. I keep ending up with my post a week ago and my new posts aren't shown. The tag-board is screwed up as well (not blogger's fault) and had been down several times already so maybe i should be looking for a new (free) provider. being the major tamad that i am, i was content of having my last url for the blog and wasn't really planning to change it. It really sucks, big time! But i have to make do, and i think this url suits my present disposition better than my last. Blessing in disguise? Maybe. But please, let this be the last url fiasco.

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