Monday, April 25, 2005

hi i'm lallie, and im a bag-aholic

i am one textbook case of impulsive shopping. case in point: beb and i went to market market yesterday to check out trellis there in the hunt for sisig. and since we are on the biggest aircon tianggian ---and i couldn't resist--- we decided to check out the goods. now, me being in the i wanna buy everything i see moment, set in mind that i just need blouses because i always end up screaming i have nothing to wear. Actually, beb and i had a minor spat while walking the mall, that i'm suddenly out of my shopping mood. Guess what took me out of my topak? Bags! I am such a bag addict. I have a wall of bags and i'm starting to run out of hooks to hang my latest buys, it's crazy. Ha, and since i blew my budget on these bags, i had to borrow some moolah from beb to buy the blouse i should have bought before i headed towards the bag shop. I have no shopping will power. I know it's so pathetic. But heck, it makes me happy so i'm giving in...

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i need another wall

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now, where do i hang these ?

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