Sunday, April 24, 2005

from an old friend to another.

finally did it. i have been meaning to message an old friend but didn't come around actually doing it because i was the biggest chicken in the world, but i finally did it.

here's how it goes...

i should have done this a long time ago, but i think i owe it to myself to do this now, baka mag chicken out na naman ako. miss na kita. alam mo ba this past few weeks (or was it months) may family has been seeing you around? one time sa makro, then a few days ago sa may malabon citisquare (hahaha i know it sounds stalker-ish) tapos they kept saying, leng di ba may friend ka, yung madalas pumunta dati sa bahay, yung maganda (pretty vague, pero i knew it was you) too bad it wasn't actually me who saw you, then i wouldn't be typing away here. my point is, i always thought i don't need a bestfriend, that my life was happy enough to have many good friends around me, pero it was nice when i shared everything with a person before, and you were the closest friend i had ever, heck, i think we refer to each other as bestfriends then. sorry if i sound weird, no im not asking you to be my bestfriend, we lost a lot of time, but it would be nice to be friends with you again (not just friendster friends, i think we don't need another one of those) if you still live there, am just 5 minutes away (nga pala we moved, actually thrice, and the first time i was a minute walk away from ur house, crazy noh?) or just text me if you want 0917813XXXX, or just msg me here, ur call, and yeah no pressure. if you think im five years too late, i understand... just really wanted to do this.

miss you (i mean it)

that's it. i've sent it. out of my hands. i'll go cry now...

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