Sunday, April 24, 2005

Ocean on my head.

With nothing else to do after dinner, beb and i decided to oblige to Xtf's invites to a party at the CCP area. Heck, i owe this girl --- actually the whole ds tropa --- a lot since i've been skipping all those lunch and dinner outs with them because of work (can you say loser?) We decided to let es-em and mark tag-along, the more the merrier as they say. Turns out it was an LSFM party and a lot of people came. We almost didn't go, coz beb had an issue on where to park and was ready to bolt out of the place, so i tried to just meet up with Xtf so the trip wasn't completely wasted. Met with her inside, said my hi's and apologized since we can't come inside. But being xtf, she talked us into going in, her friend Gary --- a great hostess --- was going to give us free tickets and we can skip the line (woohoo! i hate lines). So went back to the van and convinced my company and next thing we knew we were inside, bobbing our head to great music. Then, Gary gave us crazy party hats which are way cute to sport around hehehe. It also didn't harm beb when he saw a stand selling grape juice spiked with GSM blue, so everybody was happy. To cap the night off, the whole group, us with Xtf, along with Diday and Mari (her sisters), Miam, Gary and a couple more people jumped on a yacht on a trip to see manila bay's coastline. Way fun to do something new, finally!

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me, beb and GSM blue ...04.24

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xtf and me with the ocean on our heads...04.24

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my sister es-em and tipsy mark ...04.24

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