Friday, April 22, 2005

caught the bug?

There's definitely something in the air. Some airborne virus is spreading around and a few of my friends are succumbing to the love bug. Not that i am complaining. I'm actually super ecstatic for them. It's about time, for crying out loud! Having educated in an all-girls school, i've grown up and fell in love with the most beautiful people (yeah, i love my friends). And when i went away for college (i was practically isolated in katipunan, except for techie who was on the other side of the "friendship bridge"), i was again surrounded by equally pretty girls for friends. And it puzzles me for a time because most of them weren't already snatched up for the gorgeous ladies that they are. Here i was in the company of the nicest, most intelligent women in this side of manila, and i wonder why guys aren't lining up for them. We may be busy, and weren't exactly into the social scene, but heck, somebody great ought to find this girls or the guys won't know what they're missing. Well, i guess everybody has a match and matches "sizzles" up in time, so i guess the summer of 2005 packs up the heat. I am feeling giddy all morning , knowing some of my friends feel the same way. Me so happy!

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At 4/30/2005 12:22:00 AM, Blogger oysing said...

ohh its in the air.. its a virus.. & i think i caught one! that lucky sonfabitch! or shud i say bitches? haha thanks dude for bein tonights joe d'mango hehe

miss u & jayr n acoustic jive... yo happening na binondo haha TARA!


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