Friday, April 29, 2005

Uncool me.

Been having sleepless nights lately, so while i was channel surfing to put myself to sleep, i caught Oprah's interview with Robert Downey,Jr. For a talented actor who wasted his time on drugs, one can't help but like him. He's one very charismatic person. Even middle age suits him well. Needless to say, i didn't sleep for the rest of the interview. He owned up to his mistakes, and he's trying to make amends with everybody he hurt along the way. I was deeply involved. Maybe he hit a nerve when he shared that for all those times he was high, all he wanted was to be cool. Now, he realizes he's not cool. And he's ok with it. Heard that! I've been dealing with an issue for a very long time. Who knew it would take a has-been actor to knock some sense into me. Suddenly, all those things that bothered me much before has less effect on me now. Cried over it a million times, but as babyface's song goes, nobody knew it but me. Of course, it would take time for me to finally own up to that problem, but i'll get there. Heck, it took Downey 30 years to face the truth. It still hurts me sometimes, but i take that in stride, at least i know i still care enough to feel pain. But never will i dwell on things that i am obviously not a part of, nor will i push myself to make me a part of something im not meant to be in. Now, if only i could be less vague... :)

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