Wednesday, April 20, 2005

car show, smarshow.

what is the common denominator between cars and girls? Awww, right they attract the same specie.
Since beb always gladly obliges to my every whim on where to go, what to do or where to eat, i figured it would be nice of me to go with him to what our male counterparts consider what to us is a midnight madness sale, a transport show. We went to mega trade hall and arrived at a seemingly endless array of modified cars, booth after booth of audio and video systems, tires and car air fresheners. Ohhh, and goddesses were scattered around the halls handing out flyers and leaflets and brochures of whoever hired them to hang around and spread pheromones to entice the lurkers--- eh, car enthusiasts abound. Noticeably, there were only a few (normal) girls dropping by this event, and the few of us who stray obviously have their significant others dragging them by the wrist. haaayy, the things i do for love...

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