Friday, April 08, 2005

turning less reason to be pasaway.

my cousin will turn legal tomorrow, so my aunt threw her a party and since space is very ample in our new compound, mama gladly offered to host the shindig here. it was a very modest party with guests arriving endlessly, seems to me that my cousin happens to be a little popular in her circles. auntie hired a mobile system, though these kids would rather drink "sunog-baga" style rather than shake what their momma's gave them (harharhar, that song always reminds me of beb). She and her friends prepared a very looooong program, typical of debuts nowadays. It's not enough to have your usual 18 roses and 18 candles in coming out parties lately. Now there's 18 wines, 18 treasures and 18 what-have-yous. Of course, you don't want to offend your friends when 36 slots aren't enough to accomodate them to be part of your so-called celebration of womanhood. As for my part (which i thought i don't have any) i was one of her 18 candles. Imagine my shock when here i was dressed in a semi-decent top and jeans. (but it was all in the attitude, so wa-ker!). I gave the generic wish you all the best, then adding never to give her parents heartache, which gave me a whoop-whoop from my auntie hehehe. after my little participation , i changed into my pj's and slept my way thru the rest of the night, whether there's was music blaring through my walls or not. Caught one cute pic though... tatay, my grandfather in my mother's side (both my grandparents from my father's side passed away already, he's my only grandparent left) with his two apo sa tuhod. Ahhhh, generations....

tutay, tatay and ouie...04.08

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