Tuesday, April 05, 2005

growing up is hard to do (?)

The one weekend we thought we were free to spend in puerto galera wasn't so free after all. Actually, to be honest about it, we knew about KC's 1st bday party in Jollibee three days before the trip, but since everybody was set on going and it was the only time we can squeeze in a couple of days of sunworshipping, we decided to just jump onboard and suffer the consequences of a mother's wrath. Nah, Cheche, the celebrant's mother and the nicest and sweetest person in our bunch (walang aapila) couldn't hurt a fly, and that made the speaker phone call much more dreadful since we know it was one of those "nakakatampo" moments. But we made do with a promise to see the kada's boylet the first moment Jose's spirit leaves our bodies (we wouldn't wanna introduce the man to the boy, at least, not yet --- joke mommy cheche). However, words got mixed up and we ended up not seeing the birthday boy on tuesday, kc still being with his daddy's family. Anyhow, the night just became one of those nights when we get updated with what going on with everybody's lives. There is mommy che with daddy ferdie, trinz who had visual proof that she was the only tropa in the party, deb who was fresh from cagayan with jek (who was packing it, yihaa), and the guilty bunch, me, techie, just, and maebz. Haay, when girls start turning into women... when highschool talk of basketball and quizzes and irritating teachers turns into yuppie chat of job descriptions, kids and nosy shrek-like (techie with her vomit inducing officemate) coworkers, but considering we had gone gaga over jollibee give-aways assured me growing up would still be fun if we hang around with each other.

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