Monday, April 04, 2005

Awasan sa PG.

After several months of getting our feet wet in the working scene, me and a handful of my girlfriends started longing for an escape from the seemingly monotonous lifestyle we are being dragged into kicking and screaming. So what better way to take a very deserving break from reality and ushering in the official summer season of 2005 than a trip to the beach?!? So sheryl, just, tessa, maebz and me packed the snuggest and shortest of our belongings and headed off at three in the morning at the 2nd of april for a couple of days of rest and relaxation to batangas port, a boat ride away from the paradise we lovingly refer to as PG (puerto galera, if i left you clueless). Can sum up our trip in three words: Booze and Snooze. No escapade can be complete without the gang, and at this particular one, three made the cut. Of course, Jose was a given, but this time he brought along his girlfriend Marge... ok let's call it a threesome, since Homer is in the mix, although unfortunately, we hadn't gotten around him (too bad). After catching some rays in the morning (which toasted just to a nice scarlet color hehehe), a few zzz's at noon, the session with the gang started by sunset at the beach. It wasn't romantic by a mile, but who needs romance when you got alcohol-induced warmth at hand. Scores of kodak moments followed, throw in some template smiles caused by Jose's magic, and you got yourself some cool pictures, few of which we didn't remember taking, however because i am sworn to confidentiality, subject pictures are immediately deleted (hahaha). By this time, the beds in our room started to look like heaven, so what should be just a few minutes of lying around waiting for six feet under turned out to be another sleeping marathon. By midnight, the night-owls of pg came alive and we weren't going to miss it. There was pizza, and mango shakes (necessary because we can still feel Jose rushing thru our veins) and a number of couples bashing here and there (one in particular had a long lover's spat moment near our territory) and we called it a night (well, early morning). We woke up to a not so unexpected news, though still heartwrenching, but we manage to still drench ourselves both of sun and sea knowing reality will bite us in the ass by sundown. While our designated narcoleptic tried to sleep it off in the sand, attempting to even up her confused tan lines demarkated the day before, the waves were picking up as the rest of us were in the waters, which proved to be quite an adventurous ride back to mainland luzon. Thank heavens the ride home was smooth and almost traffic free and we made it safely to malate church's final mass. Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for. Sarap talaga mag-awas!

tessa, sheryl, just, maebz, lallie
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