Saturday, February 19, 2005

red ribbon's palabok - winner!

i knew my mobile was holding me back. Getting text messages at 5:30 am would hound me to work so i have to drag me half-conscious self to my little store even if all i crave for was a few more zzzz's. Good thing, i had my phone buried at the bottom of my bag from last night's so i didn't hear the thing beep. Ladies and gentlemen, i just got my first 8 hour of blissful rest since July. Yipee for me. I needed that. Im starting to resemble a raccoon.

The last two nights was all too kind to my goal of losing a few pounds. Thursday was with jr,noeh and pep at the slightly new Promenade at GH. It was late, there was a quarter of roasted chicken involved, so do the math. Last night was at Nikki's place. Missy's leaving for Australia today (will be missed, for sure. See you December, Missy!), so the jr's cousins had a little get-together. There was Nikki, Jaime, Pauline, Trisha, Ari and of course Missy. We were oh-so-late, so half of them were already sleeping by the time we arrived (Si jr kasi. Na traffic daw yung MRT). So what else can we do? Tinatanong pa ba yon? We ate. Again, it was late, the palabok was delish, with those siomai like things with quail eggs, not to mention the donuts (I missed those little guys. Come to momma!).Ok im hungry...where's the ref?

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