Friday, January 28, 2005


finally set-up my blog. one of my many resolutions, if i say so myself. actually, i'm making them as they come in mind. I am so over with the notion that i will magically lose weight if i make that my new year's resolution, so bago naman hahaha. So my first one is to be a better friend. I admit it, I was a lousy friend last year. There was senior year, the uncertainty of what i am going to do after graduation, J.R. and stuff. So this year, babawi ako, big time. Im tryin to reconnect with some friends that i lost touch with . Hopefully, they let me back into their lives. I know, cheezy, but heck, life's short. Blessed is he, or she, that can count real lemme-cry-on-your shoulder-and-ruin-your-shirt kinda friends on more than a hand.
Then we come to blogging... I admit it, i need an outlet. This may not be the most anonymous way to go about it cause i have my friggin' whole name up there on the url bar, but i have made many blogs before, and nothing really worked. so now im owning it. Posting my whole name and all. I have no plans of telling anybody that i'm spilling out my guts for the whole world wide web population to see, but if anybody i know is reading this right now, hi, i really hope i didn't bash you that much... kidding... i will never be that mean... seriously, hi, and post your embarassing comments. surprise me.

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