Tuesday, February 01, 2005

life's short

just got off work. I'm starting to slack off, business starting to slow down, tapos na kasi yung peak season namin, which is fine with me so i can get my r'n'r time back and i have more to time to do other stuff (like blogging (",) ). Im a shirker! ( my ds teacher would be proud of me, not because im a shirker, but because i can finally apply that word hahaha). As usual, first thing i went to online was thru my mail. Got just one mail, a job posting which is quite interesting. It's research work, and im planning to go into that, part-time, just because i need to do something educational. Sales is starting to get repetitive, and i'm starting to bore myself to death. Life's short, gotta get more out of life that just money, though having money is definitely not that bad.
Second site on my online agenda was, as always friendster. One thing good about friendster, especially for people who's bad with birthdays, like me, are the reminders. So shout out to my friend Windell, ei dude, may utang ka sa akin, hehehe. Tapos, i went thru my friends' pages. Being so busy and all, this is a nice way of thinking you're a good friend, check out their pages, see what's up with their lives, and if anything written down spooks you, then text them. Ok, im a shirker and a cheater, but at least im concerned.
So as i go thru my friend's pages, i came about yeng's, and my heart broke once again. I can't help but get my heart broken everytime i hear from yeng nowadays. She just lost her love a lil over a week ago, and though i could never imagine the pain she's going thru right now, i just wish everything will fall into place soon, so we can all see the smile her beautiful face lately misses. To yeng, i love you, we all love you, so cry if you must, but im sure there is always a reason. He will always have a reason. And don't forget we're, im always here for you.
It's instances like this when you feel blessed with what you have. So to my beb, i love you, thank you for making me the happiest girl for the last 11 months. thanks for being my everything.

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