Sunday, February 20, 2005

in heaven, there are skyscapers.

Warning: Semi-spoiler, so if you haven't watch the Keanu's (wow close, first name basis) latest flick yet, better not read this. I don't want any death threats people. I live in peace.

I finally got to watch "Constantine" last night. We've been holding off plans to watch a movie lately coz i can't stay awake for a late night screening (me too tired) and i'm not fond of watching movies in the afternoon. So thanks to my complete hours of sleep (see previous entry), had the energy to see Keanu Reeves break out of his Neo on Matrix persona. Well he tried to, but he sounded more like Smith (the one who kept on saying Mr. Anderson, blah, blah, blah ... in a low im-intimidating-you kinda tone). Don't get me wrong, I adored the movie! To the point of it giving me the creeps. Another one of those "challeging my faith" moments (The last time i had it was when i was reading The Da Vinci Code) . I had a beef with the devil though. Do we need him to be middle-aged, pale and bald? Can't he be more yummy, like, maybe, Andy Garcia? He surely would be more tempting.
One more thing, I love seeing pinoys in international movies, even the mere acknowledgement that we exist (like in those Adam Sandler's movies hehehe). So hearing "papatayin namin sila" from the pinay actor playing the girl possessed in the initial sequences of the movie made me smile. Can we be more stereotyped by the rest of the world? As if being terrorists, illegal immigrants and domestic helpers is not enough bad rap for us, do we really have to be portals for the damned? And apparently, we speak hellspeak and don't even know it. So much for being bi-lingual.
But it really is a good movie to take your mind off your interpretation of the universe for a while and explore another take on the heaven-and-hell thing. Great action sequences, very reminiscent of the Matrix but this time you get authentic looking (not glued on cotton balls and chicken feather) wings instead of Neo's eternally bellowing trenchcoat. Plus, got a little history lesson on the Crusades. Who said you can't learn anything from pop culture? hehehe.

great, great, great! (",)

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