Tuesday, February 22, 2005

cn i b ur txtm8?

somehow, in my 22 years of living on earth, i have come to accept that there are people like them. Those, even in a short droplet of time manage to annoy the heck out of me. Ok, so i don't know them, but after having the most tiny exchange with them stirs irritation from me worthy of blog space and time. So i dedicate this entry to them...
I have been subscribing to Sun eversince the start of their 24/7 call and text unlimited promo (to which i say, the Gokongwei's rock!). Originally, my sun sim was there solely for the purpose of my beb calling me. He's on a plan (because of the free phone), but i'm financially challenged so i'm on prepaid (which he loads up every month. I have such a loving bf). Hey it's there. It's cheap. So why not avail of it? I still keep my Globe line for work and old contacts, but since some of my friends have been "under the Sun" too, the use of the Sun sim have been promoted from just a mere tool for cheezy sweet nothings my beb and i shared. Ok, here's where i have a cow... Since it's unlimited, some people, I call them pirstaymers (alam mo yun, dude, wag ka namang pahalatang excited ka sa phone mo, First time mo?) think it's their duty to bug the hell out of people by sending them text messages like "Hi, cn i b ur txtm8? Wanna b my frend?" To which i respond, "Sorry i'm not intersted. I have lots of friends. Thanks, but not thanks." Of course, i get the occasional "Sige na pls?" or if im really lucky, someone who thinks he or she is God's gift to texters will say "Ang taray mo naman. Kung ayaw mo, wag mo". Believe me, i wanna raise hell with that, but my right thumb wouldn't allow me. It knows it'll hurt, a reply to that remark would take a "venter" like me no less than three connected messages. My right thumb knows what best for her. However, even with "taray" replies such as that, my number still hasn't been blacklisted from the pirstaymers club, since some of them still stray in my digital world. Here are some of their members...

Member No. 050221-A
0922489850x: (Calling at 5:30 in the morning. After i realized that someone was calling me, the idiot dropped the call)
1 new message
0922489850x: Cenxa n po ngdial lng me ng #. New lang po kc fone ko. Gus2 ko lng magkaroon ng kkilala. (aba, eto pirstaymer talaga. And proud of it.)
Me: (Pissed) Dude it's 5:30 am. Kudos to your new phone, but sorry im not interested in being your friend.
1 new message
0922489850x: Sorry po talaga! (Talaga lang! You better be!)

Member No. 050222-A
1 new message
0922377679x: (texted me with what appears to be a forwarded message, which immediately excludes him from my good graces. I don't know you, so please don't send me friendly quotes and act as if you do. You're clogging up the system. I can't reach my beb's number because of people like you {told you im a venter})
Me: (still having a few ounces of civility left in my tired body) Hi, who's this?
1 new message
0922377679x: Hnd rn pow nksAve # mow d2 eh,, d rn pOw ktah kLaLa. (Are you serious? uso pa pala ang pa-cute! Can you hand me that barf bag?)
Me: (now pissed): Then how in hell did you manage to text me? Oh nevermind! (Again, blame it on the thumb)
1 new message
0922377679x: Ewn cEO (ano daw? C.E.O.? more like S.O.B. Again, i ask, why me?)

Come on, give me a break. I have my own little wonderful universe to roam around in. Don't bug me. Have a life.

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