Monday, January 23, 2006

Altogether Now: Para Sa Yo, Ang Laban Na To...

I knew it. He won like i said he'd win. I cried like i said i'd cry. And unlike that fat guy who credits Pacman's win to his lucky jacket, i wouldn't dare think my prophesy did the trick. Give the man some credit. He earned his due. And earn he did.

Always been a sportsfan. I don't care what sport it is, as long as it's on, and as long as i have a clue on how it's played, i'd watch it. I never seriously participated in anything particular. I could pin bowl. I could swim. I always beat beb on arcade hoops, and i still stand by what i said that that one time he beat me at arcade racing was an unfortunate fluke (he's gonna kill me for broadcasting this) . But for the most part, i'm just a spectator. My lack of strenght in whatever form keeps it that way.

So, not surprisingly, I was the most excited person in the house the sunday morning. It was my one day to sleep in, but i didn't, and that's perfectly ok. I watched all the undercard matches. I cheered when Jimrex knocked the lights off his sorry opponent on the first round. Didn't care a bit about the following bouts, but i watched anyway. Afterwhich, the poor neophyte singer screwed up the national anthem bigtime, tried to cover her tracks but failed miserably. Newbie. Shouldn't care. Didn't. Then, there it was. The match successfully hyped up to the delight of media empires. I knew ads and plugs would be as many as the stars in the sky, but i refuse to care either. Everybody gets an obscene amount of money by the end of this fight, so let's just get it on. ...Well, everybody knows how the fight went, so i don't have to give a blow-by-blow, but here's the sidelight, at least in our side of the world. My pop watched me watch the fight more than he did the fight itself. Up to now, he still can't get over the fact that i was screaming like a freakin' idiot on the screen like i was on team pacquiao. "Di ka naririnig nyan. Sabi na nga ba mali gawa sayo." Is my dad implying that there was a genetic typo, me getting an X rather than inheriting his Y chromosome? But as with many things that day, i'd let that one slide. I don't care. He won like i'd said he would, and i cried just as i said i would. And hope to the heavens to let that freakin' jacket burn, preferably with the owner in it.

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