Tuesday, December 13, 2005

PG memories...

So what if there's a natural disaster currently wreaking havoc in Calapan? Yeah sure, the dike broke loose and people are actually avoiding the whole of oriental mindoro in fear of drowning. Probably not the best time to go to the beach, huh, especially in this extraordinarily freezing weather of december? Yeah, right...
....Naah, life's too freaking short for a little drizzle to stop us, are you kidding me?

So the "givens", one girl short (joyce's still in davao) , headed off to the bus station batangas port-bound to catch a ferry to the lala-land we lovingly call PG.

Away for the weekend...12.05

Yeah, the sun was a little gun shy, so much for the tanned-glory justine was aiming for. But look at the "bright" side, it rained more in manila than it did in galera, info courtesy of our loving mothers, scared for their pasaway daughters' lives. As usual, we went on with our PG routine of omelettes, milo shakes, pork kebabs, and dare i say--- yes, he's back --- Jose. Maiwan na lahat, wag lang si Jose. Hahaha.

waiting for omelettes 12.05

With barely a soul left on a practically deserted beach (You get to own galera if you go there mid-december. Very 'i know what you did last summer', or in this case, last december), under the stars that fail to greet you in urbania, we drank manila and all the baggage in brings away and remember the days when boys were disposable (some of them still are), money didn't come on scheduled dates, and the following weekend is sure to be fun even though the last one aint over yet. With our heads rolling off in laughter and filled with much missed Jose, we reminisced about the gimiks set hours before actually meeting up, how any night-out before 10 pm was considered "flag ceremony", and how waiters scrambled to their feet, putting up makeshift tables, just to keep the "regular-makulit" girls happy. We missed Joyce, and we missed each other. But something tells me that i should get used to that, missing something... missing someone. And although the thought of going back to manila in just a few hours is a reality starting to sip in as Jose drains out, thank God we had the time of our lives back in PG, more so, back in the 'ring' days. We had that, we'll always have that. We always have PG.

Joyce, balik tayo... 12.05

...dito... 12.05

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