Saturday, December 24, 2005

Cake and company...

Since plim is back in the country for the holidays, and so is kaye wee, having gotten away from the delivery room in some corner of Zamboanga, me and beb get to have christmas lunch and coffee with the college tropa in greenhills. Sol and i always have this thing of never making an appearance in the same event since college, not that there's bad blood, it's just never happen. And so since i came, she didn't---again. Maybe next time huh? We had a big lunch at Superbowl at the Promenade, then hit Steph Calangi's post at the Coffee Bean. Shared a cake along with stories about work from those of us who do, and school for the genius who never got enough of college (kidding...). There are some of seriously stupid "diving" co-workers, and of pregnant women who spent a lifetime in the delivery room. We promised to meet up again after the new year for some belting out night at the Red Box. Wooohooo, something wonderful to look forward to in 2006. And yeah, there are pictures...

postcard moment
merry christmas ds peeps 12.05

healthy, happy people 12.05

dami kasing cam eh, cute though 12.05

the perennial ds group, missing sol...12.05

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