Tuesday, December 06, 2005

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

I can smell it already. Actually more of feel it, with my own bare hands. Christmas came early for Li'l Lallie this year (or did my birthday came a tad bit too late, anyhow...). Santa thought i've been a fairly nice girl, this, as supposed to what the brat i was the past few years (still a brat, but im on rehab) and decided to grant my little wishes. He filled my red sock with stuffers that could make a grown girl, or even grown men, cry, for that matter. Now, im in the company of my two spanking new babies. World, meet Noki and Nica...

noki and nica...yebah!

Yes, i initially wanted a K700 at the beginning of the year. I was literally drooling when i got to play my little cousin's k7. It was gorgeous. But, now, i could settle for an N70 hehehe, courtesy of my fairy godmother, Auntie Baby. Well, actually, i had planned to buy the phone with my own hard-earned money, that little pile i've manage to save with sheer bloodshed and aliping namamahay kinda slavery. But she generously gave me some moolah, not the whole enchalada (which is quite a lot cause the thing still carry a pricetag so heavy, it made me wanna scream obscenities), but enough to make it possible for me to acquire another tech-toy, perhaps a digital camera, without committing qualified theft. Ohhh, and Noki is so worth it.

Nica is an Aneca MP3/Mpeg4 player sponsored by the boyfriend. Actually, he showed it to me three weeks before my birthday, just to tease me. Bad boyfriend, dangling the thing like it was meat and i was Fred Flinstone. But i didn't go nuts. I knew it was going to be mine, one way or another. Good thing he came to his senses and finally told me it was really for me, straight from China, with Chinese manuals i couldn't decipher to save my life. Thank God, it operates in English mode, or else i would've needed a translator just to play Parokya's Mang Jose on it.

Yes, im in mobile heaven...

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