Thursday, January 19, 2006

When geekdom finds me

I will never --- ever --- be cool.

Stressed out with work after being sick and tired of being 'sick and tired' in my bedroom the past week, I found my spirit partially lifted by fiber boards, screw drivers and photocopies. This is my curse. Yup, can't stress it nenerd-aks na naman ako.

* * *
Do-it-yourself kid strikes again!

With my sister, who makes me look like a superwoman when it comes to procrastinating, finally getting her act together, i gladly offered my help in finding her a cute little work table for her cute little store. Off we went to the mall, and we got one of those inexpensive fiber board modest tables that would perfectly fit the humble space i appropriated for her in my shop. Since we had to take a trike back to the store, we had to buy it broken down. This fact disturbingly excites me cause im seeing an opportunity to flex my barely-there carpentry muscles. This, just plainly disturbs my sister, seeing her thousand bucks going down the drain. Have a little faith, my dear sibling. Who's your sist-ah?
I could hardly contain myself while cutting up the ties that hold the box. To my horror, the instructions came in one eight by eleven paper, in pictures! No words, just letters and numbers and diagrams. My father, who can smell fear a mile away, eggs us on. "Kailangan matapos yan ng 20 minutes, pag hindi mag se-self-destruct yan." He. He. He. Very. Funny. He gave up a hearty laugh when our little project looked like a table in five minutes, only for us to find out we skipped steps 1-7, having read the diagrams backward. Very. Funny.
After a mindblowing (turtle?) pace, the table finally looked work-ready in 45 minutes. We gave ourselves a pat in the back and checked each other for broken nails. My father gave us an approving look and joked that if not for our healthy behinds, we would be his boys. Again. Very. Funny. But i built a table with an Allen wrench and a Philips screw driver, so i couldn't care less. I am just one happy grease monkey.

* * *

Geek flash: I just realized how geeky i was in highschool when the smell of a couple of photocopied papers gave me some warm fuzzy feeling because they remind me of periodical tests. Earth swallow me now!

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