Sunday, December 18, 2005

padlocks and pantilettes

With the scheduling fiasco over (it's a whole entry by itself, but i'd rather not), it's time for the annual gasp-gm-jf2 christmas shindig! Despite work, school and a whole lotsa other commitments , quite a few people came, plus a few plus-ones, or in che-che's case, plus two (hello, there gwapito KC ). This year's gifts theme, "This is soooo highschool". Aside from me, who is an eternal non-conformist, bringing those cute finds i hauled from my recent escapade in haggler's haven quiapo, everybody pooled their gifts and i started handing it out. Runner up was lorraine's pantilette (how do you spell out that freaking thing?) which apparently picked up by dale (ayos yan yeng ha), but the hands-down winner was the pad lock picked out by techie, which left us girls with tummy aches from laughing while leaving the boys baffled by our weird reaction towards a security device. Techie, you're a genius. Since i gotta slave again in just a few hours, i had to check out early, but not before grabbing a slice of pizza, and immortalizing a few more kodak memories.

christmas group 12.05

got gorgeous friends... 12.05

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