Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hand me some kleenex...

I finally found a way to lose those pesky holiday pounds. Actually, more like it found me. Caught a bug last week, made my throat itch like hell, a usual sign of not-so-good things to come. As luck would have it, the itchy throat snowballed into a massive asthma attack. Never have i had it this bad since highschool that memories of our moldy, white-flower smelling school clinic are coming back to haunt me. (sidenote: in my highschool clinic, being one of its most frequent visitors, i have learned at an early age that white flower can solve any ailment one might be nursing. Headache, whiteflower. Indigestion, ahhh whiteflower. Dengue, who knew? White flower. If our school nurse had it her way, the cure to AIDS was just a dab of white flower away. Amazing, really. ). Suddenly, i find myself in a weeklong forced leave i have yet to recover from. Ohh yes, deep inside, i've secretly yearned for an excuse to get off work for more than the weekend, but seven days in, i've started longing to go back to work (Loser, i know). I can only do so much with a sidebar, and messing with my blog for more than my average thought train length can honestly induce me to vomit, seeing my angst, --- errr creativity can only go so far. And although dropping a significant chunk of holiday generated flab is seriously welcomed, still, this is not the best way of starting out the year, especially when i'm claiming it as early as now that it's gonna be my year. I'd better get out of this episode soon. I wonder if white flower would do the trick. Our genius school nurse would be beaming proud.

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