Monday, September 26, 2005

overdue apology...

first off.... my dear dear friend, i really REALLY am sorry. Just to note how desperate i am to apologize, i'm currently typing this entry in an internet cafe coz by the time i get home, there'll be more work thrown before me, and i know this is waaaay overdue. I cannot stress it enough that im very BAD with birthdates, more so now than before --- i can't even tell what day it is now in the week. But just the same, i know no excuse is forgiveable when you forget a very close friend's birthday. You'll always have my good wishes, birthday or not, you know that. I love you, girl. Please, forgive me?
( Sidenote: a lot of this happened the day before, i barely had sleep, so that time that i called you to say sorry, i was in a real mess. we had to let go of the guy we lovingly referred to as angas, so if he comes by your place, let the public be known that he is no longer connected with us, especially with me. Again, no excuse. Im really sorry)

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