Thursday, November 24, 2005

Harry Potpot and the 22-yr-old baby

He planned it. I agreed to it. He had tickets bought already. And then, the last minute, i threw a fit.
Not just a fit, i shamelessly threw a full blown tantrum, just like the way my niece, now, knows the power of tears. There were waterworks, feet stomping, fruitless pushing, not to mention flying clothes. There is no excuse for what i did. (Actually there is, but that'll remain between the realm of the bf-gf walls, unless i want to make it real obvious that sanity has left my building). If i was him, god knows, i will give up on me, but the guy showed enough patience to merit him a Noble Peace Prize for Grace under Girlfriend pressure. Grabe. This guy really loves me.
So there, i finally caved, so, in the only pair of jeans left that i could fit in, and all the dignity that i could muster, we picked up jamie, and met with trish, ari, and raph (It's always couples' night when i go out with the Peralejos.) at eastwood to dine and watch the latest installment of J.K.R.'s money making franchise. Surprisingly, eastwood changed a lot since i last visited the place, which was...hmmm.... forever? A lot of the restos closed shop, and there are fewer people strutting their stuff than i remembered. We settled for heaven n' eggs, which could use a few more tables to cut the waiting line short. Since, it was already past by bedtime, i wanted something light and although, obscenely priced, the BLT sandwich is, forgive me, heavenly. It had some fancy name but i was dead set on a BLT sandwich and all the stars aligned to give me what i crave for. Guess jr wasn't the only one who wanted to make me happy.

Then, there was the movie. To cram 734 pages of literary goldmine into a 2+ hour of movie is indeed an excuse for the minadali feel of the movie. The Quidditch World Cup, the Tri-wizard tournament... everything feels so... lacking. But nope, it did not leave me wanting for more. For some moments there, i felt it was dragging. Heck, half the scene progression was practically character-insinuated. I could have shouted "Oo nga Hermionie, ikwento mo na ang kung ano nangyari sa susunod na mga scenes para matapos na lahat", but fortunately, i gotta hold of myself. No, Cho-chang doesn't look prettier in the movie that in those movie posters. The CGI was great. The great hall, the yule ball, the quidditch world cup... amazing. Ok, admittedly i like the third one better. Besides, i'm partial. The Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite in the series. The only glorious thing about the movie is Viktor Krum. Yes, i like 'em chubby. Oooh, Yummy!

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