Tuesday, November 01, 2005

how random can it get?

(note: this is how my mind works when i got too much time on my hands. i still don't know if vacations are good or bad for me. read at your own risk.)

- someday, i will write a stunning literary piece on pancit canton that would win a Palanca. Don't ask me when, and most importantly why. Basta. Pancit Canton.

- my room is in such mess. and i rather blog than clean it up.

- i think the downy smell should be bottled. not as a fabric softener but as a perfume. i would buy it.

- i have enough plastic bags in my room to choke a whole battalion of penguins. I wonder if it's true that the balloons we all have the inclination to release into oblivion goes to the antartica and kill all those little guys. Ang sad.

- why don't my earrings come in pairs? i keep losing a piece. Bummer.

- i always have nothing to wear. it's amazing how you can stare at a closet full of clothes yet lash out at the world because you "have nothing to wear".

- i still keep the small plastic bag of cut wavy hair behind my pirated dvd shelf that used to be a part of me not so long ago. im still mourning my loss of hair --- and sanity.

- my curtains look cute and peachy. yun lang.

- gwen stefani gets her colon cleaned up somewhere. haay if i could do without constipation, now that's the life.

- i wonder if i could comprehend the 6th harry potter book without reading the 5th?

- i hope von's tsinelas would fit me. hahaha. parinig.

- lss for the day: Don't lie by Black eyed peas.

- bakit masarap ang cassava? nakakainis.

- oooh, cherry gum.

- november na naman.

- next month december na. wala lang.

I love mental purging.

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