Thursday, September 15, 2005

rain gently (?) falls...

i love rainy days. One more excuse to be the loner that i am, lock myself up in the comforts of my room, watch tv all day and still smell like my bed up til dinner (hahaha yucky, now that i realize it). Own scores of jackets, so rainy days prevents me from tipping to my insane longing for weather anomalies, like snow in the Philippines. Plus, for some strange reason, food is much more tastier when it raining, which makes the jackets more handy.

That was then.

Rain is bad for business, especially in my line of business. I have checks to fund (whoa! so adult. Yes, i have a checking account. How do you convince a bank to give a 22-yr old. newbie a checking account? Charm, my dear... not! ) and i can't fund them if peeps aint buying... boy, am in a mess...

anyways, logged in to save these memories...

- love hot pot and found a new hot pot place in banawe. cool thing's they have individual soup pots so you can make your own concoction and not have to share it with other people. I don't really like sotanghon in my hot pot. Nothing really pumps me up than my own hot pot. This is my story... lately. Yup... loser...

- just's bday was on the 7th (bad with dates, hope i got that right) caught up with a few very missed friends. Blaming it on work, i was last in, first out. I really wanna to stay, but my brain plus a few other body parts won't allow it. God, time has changed... when i used to be one of the last ones left making senseless but otherwise fun conversations... more on this, time permitting... am i growing up?

- speaking of growing up, dropped by joyz' house on the 6th for some chillin time with her and maebz. what used to be topics highly influenced of alcohol, now become depressing stories on work, non-existent savings and hazardous-to-your-health superiors and co-workers. but i'll take that in with good company. really missed these girls. Ang pagtratrabaho (used to be pag-aaral) nakakasira ng pagkakaibigan! Pero sabi nga nila, ang tamad walang karapatang kumain. haayyy, choices... haaay, life...

(postscript: yehey, i updated. i missed you blog.)

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