Wednesday, June 07, 2006

After summer

i might have jinxed myself.

earlier this year, i got bored with the usual templates blogger has for its loyal (read: cheap non-paying) subscribers. And since summer, then, was around the corner, i felt like giving ode to the sun gods hence the blog theme. i was excited. i could practically smell the sea breeze and feel the sand between my toes. The shores were calling me.

Fast forward >>> Two months later, and i found myself with a beach-less summer. No sea. No sand. Nothing. No kebabs by the beachside turo-turo, not even a stick of grilled TJ jumbo hotdog.No drinking sessions right by sunset and no morning hang-overs washed down by cheese omelette.

Yup, jinxed.

But, im not complaining. You need to lose some to get some. My summer's still a blast, beach or no beach. Plus, why get all upset with a summer that boasts of too crowded shores and mega jacked up prices, when you can have the whole island to yourself for practically next to nothing?

Wait for me, paradise, i'll heed your call. I always do.

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