Monday, June 05, 2006

Who's afraid of the big ass mall?

After letting the curious throng have their way with the very hyped up mall by the bay on its first two weeks, beb and i decided it was our time to conquer it (ala- mt. everest ba?). So sunday after our monthly church feeding, we went to Henry Sy's latest oversized baby, SM Mall of Asia. Did we like it?
The curious throng we wished would have passed out due to exhaustion is still there, and they brought their whole barangay with them. There are large sections of the mall that aren't A/C-ed, so be prepared to sweat like a pig if you attempt to walk end to end. You could literally smell Manila Bay, and believe me, it will leave a lasting impression that needs shampooing and heavy scrubbing to rub off. After mutually agreeing that we had enough, we went back to the car parked at the lubluban-ng-kalabaw vacant lot behind (as in dagat na sya after) the mall. They should do something with that pathetic excuse for a multi level parking. Beb sending the car wash bill to SM Prime, and we're expecting reimbursement.
Its saving grace? Among its countless stores is a treasure trove of bargain books, and since we have this incurable disease when it comes to buying books, we succumb. Got myself J. Grisham's King of Torts, all for 189 clams, beb got me girl, interrupted, which i vehemently deny to be my memoir, and got two of his own.
Sige na nga babalik kami, next time properly stretched and warmed-up. All for the love of books.

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