Monday, May 14, 2007

Here comes the bride...

Let's get this out of the way. Yes, my younger sister is marrying ahead of me. Yes, I'm completely ok with that. And no, I won't soon follow. Forget about holding our collective breaths. We might just all die waiting, so let us quit now while we're ahead. Ok, everybody?

And just to prove that I'm completely ok with the whole naunahan thing, I decided to throw my sister a little bridal shower. Here's a few things I've learned:

1. Everybody's starving the night before the wedding. All those weeks of watching what you eat just to look your best at the wedding makes everybody cranky and deprived. And after everybody's final fitting and finding out you have a couple of inches of satin gown to spare for a well deserved dinner at the wedding reception, everybody starts pigging out. So tons of pizzas, each on its own is the size of mainland Luzon would be a party hit. The pizza delivery boy would be greatly appreciated.

Meatlovers all the way... Ate pen, me and crystal

2. Condoms apparently are great party paraphernalia. If you look past them being so slimy, they are not that difficult to blow into, and don't pop as much as regular balloons. Plus, they're flavored. Word to the wise (*wink*wink*), frenzy mint is the bomb, tastes a lot like stork candy. The orange one leaves a fishy aftertaste, and forget about trust chocolate altogether. Unless you're into bitter dark chocolates. If it was a lil more toblerone-ish flavored, I'd recommend it, but then again, trust pops more easily than frenzy. Scary. Hahaha.

We'd blown condoms twice the size of Tal's. Amazing.

3. National bookstore doesn't carry white crepe papers. Somebody should start a petition. Aren't people buying white crepe papers anymore? What's up with that? So instead of having crepe paper brides, all chaste and pure, donned in white ensemble, we end up having wannabe brides looking like they missed the Santacruzan. Well, Mayo naman, so nasa uso. Carry pa rin.

Project runway. Pinoy fiesta version.

Finally, saying goodbye to singlehood isn't really as bad as it sounds (as long as it's not my singlehood. hahaha.) So to my sister, I know you'll have a great wedding, and even more beautiful marriage. Now hand me my 20 pesos.*

Obligatory Korean pose with the bridesmaid and the bride

* Accordingly to our neighborhood manicurista, Ate Luz, when a younger sibling marries ahead of an older sibling, the younger one pays the older sister a small amount as a sort of pamahiin fee. Who would've thunk it? Maybe a should ask for more... half the wedding bounty should be enough. Harharhar.

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