Friday, November 10, 2006

Gym-rat kunyari.

It's almost mid-month and surprisingly, I haven't thrown any fit, big or small, considering it's the notorius "N" word-month. Beb is attributing it to the fact that I am not trying to deprive myself of arterial-clogging goodies just to make me feel a little better shedding off some unwanted muffin top. He made sure I ate to my heart's delight so he could have a peaceful relationship this month. I agreed. So everybody's happy.

But since shopping is a pain when you're slightly curvy (on all the right places naman, hahaha, whatever), I knew there had to be another way to lose that weight. So good luck to me and my will power, 'cause I just got a fitness first membership, and I pray to the heavens that I don't cop out 'cause somebody just plunked down some serious change for my three-month passport. Seryoso na ako. Promise.

*** Note to all my beloved friends: If you get a call from fitness first, super sorry. I wanted the free kit that came in exchange for referrals, hehehe, but heck, they're giving out free trials so di ba? Samahan nyo ko one of these days, please? RP's the place to be. Nyek.

2 Hugs:

At 11/10/2006 06:00:00 PM, Anonymous yeng said...

mabilis umaksyon ang fitness first ha, the night after you signed your membership, tinawagan na nila ako!!

goodluck kung kelan ako sipagin i-try ang free trial nila. hehehe.

At 11/10/2006 07:33:00 PM, Blogger freefalldrifter said...

galing! sila techie at cheche rin eh tsaka si roomie kaye, hahaha, super sorry talaga baka nakaistorbo, pero try mo, sabihin mo sakin kung kelan, sabay ako para masaya hahaha


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