Monday, November 06, 2006

Snarky sneaky sunday.

Beb and I sunday morning...

*phone rings*
Beb: Wake up. Get dressed.
Me: Whu... Ano meron? Antok pa ako.
Beb: Lunch at Lolo's and lola's.
Me: *suddenly awakened by shock and fear* What?!? Bat ngayon mo lang sinabi?
Beb: Para di ka na makatanggi.

Damn, i've been in this relationship for too long. He already knows my habits. Though it took him this long to know that my game gets thrown through pure shock value. Sneaky, sneaky.

Me: Uhm, do i have a choice?

*A million excuses started to trickle and process in my equally sneaky mind.*

Beb: No. You're expected.

*cue twilight zone soundtrack...

Me: *in my mind* Whaaahhhh!!!!

*** postscript:
The lunch with the Peralejos went well, despite the bed weather. Jr's lola is as always warm, and seems genuinely interested with what I do for a living. I met his Tita Carrie, who's based in the states, one of only two left that I haven't met before. Her salad was great, so was the kare-kare his Japanese Tita Rissa made, equally delish. Peter Pan peanut butter seems to be the secret. Beb dozed off after filling up, as seen on the very Don Jose Raul-like, telenovela-esque kodak moment on the left. They talked of weddings, since three of his cousins are marrying within a year's time, a topic I managed to avoid by just putting on a smile when asked when JR and I's "long table" will be. Nope, let's altogether not hold our breath. And Pauline hogged my Ipod. Grey's Anatomy addicts, unite! Hehehe.

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