Friday, November 03, 2006

The Chase

I am that kid who regularly goes by the toy store window display to see the shiniest, cutest toy they have. I occasionally touch the toy with pure awe, play with it as long as i can and i'm allowed to, then sets it down for the day when i've gotten my fix. Then I walk away, say to myself, til the next time i pass by. With each time i go by, it was like teasing myself over and over again. Each time I glance its way, I wish this was the day i could take it home.

Then one day, with time and enough courage, my wish comes true. I take it by hand, admiring every inch, grasping the idea that what i had wanted for a long time was now mine. But just like every newest, shiniest toy i get, the moment i knew i had it, the longing is over. And it will sit there, like the toys that came before it, forgotten. The craving turns to the new, shiny toy that took its place on the toy store window display.

I'm afraid I will not grow out of that kid. Just the same, i'm afraid to grow up.
Giving up the chase is as difficult as giving in.

p.s. This post is not about my new toys.
As much as i love my ipod and my ixus
(now christened as I1 and I2), they are
trivial pursuits. We're talking about
epics here, people. Epic --- google it.

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