Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And now, for my next trick...

Whoever said that you can't feel pain in your dreams is totally out of the loop, cause apparently you can, or at least i do.

For a week now, I've been having these dreams that i can bend my wrist all the way, so much so that i can touch the back of my forearms. I don't have any plans of running away to join the circus, so my contortionist wannabe dreams are very puzzling. The thing is, i wake up in the middle of my joint-twisting act because of the pain, with me actually seeing that I am doing it. I actually am bending my farking wrist!

Now it hurts like hell, taking a bath with the tabo is a chore. I am now a leftee bather which is no fun cause the water isn't pouring where it should be pouring. Yeah, oversharing, but it's frustrating. Yesterday, when lifting a few shopping bags i actually popped something, and now my right wrist makes weird sounds when i rotate it. It's scary and entertaining at the same time. Who knew, pwede pala akong pang banda rito banda roon, armed with my musical popping wrist. Take that armpit squishers!

Amateur rockstar dreams aside, the wrist bending dreams is driving me nuts. I've tried putting weights on my hand to make it not move in my sleep, but no, the dreams still come. This freaks me out because if i can contort wrists in my sleep and actually do it, what the heck else can i do? I don't wanna murder somebody in my dreams, then wake up realizing I actually did hack somebody (Which in that case, can I claim temporary insanity? Will I get acquitted? Hmm, seem like a nice pla... never mind). It's so very shake-rattle-and-roll. I'm like a walking Regal thriller. Ayayay, so scary...

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