Thursday, September 07, 2006

Puzzle pieces.

Remember when you were about to leave for the States ages ago? It was the height of our spontaneous partying til we drop weekends. We don't want you to go, it's like missing a fourth of the fun, but you have to, so we understood. But we weren't gonna let you leave without at least having a little send off. We were in our lousy pambahay and we set out for coffee on a Monday night since you have a very early Tuesday flight. Just our luck, it was the night all the Starbucks in the Metro were actually closed! Akalain ba nating nagsasara ng sabay sabay ang Starbucks sa Kamaynilaan. Remember where we ended up, pambahay and all? Saan pa, edi sa suburbia! I don't remember who was playing that night, probably didn't care either. I don't remember if we drank that night, but we were happy/sad. We just knew we aren't gonna let you leave without realizing you have peeps to come back to. (Shiyet, naiiyak ako...) So Just, just remember, even though it breaks my heart to remember that we weren't there the last time to see you off, you took pieces of us the first time you went, and we don't want it back (",). You're never alone, ok. Come home, we're counting the days. Happy birthday!

At nakapambahay talaga tayo that night.

2 Hugs:

At 9/09/2006 05:42:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

aw shox lal. ano ba to paiyakin sa sindak si barbaro este justine pala. hehehe. ur not sure if we drunk or not ayan evidence o may nakikita akong bote... i also remembered the side trip we had that night. hehehe. those were the days *with matching tingin sa malayo* hehehe i remember those days like it was just yday, everyday. ok im starting to sound labo! pero i miss you. one day soon magsasama sama tayo ule at iinom lang tayo buong araw. cheers!

At 9/09/2006 01:53:00 PM, Blogger freefalldrifter said...

I miss you too. Nihahanda ko na yung atay ko para sa pagdating mo, hahaha.


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