Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Place.

I found myself being quiet again this past few days. No blog posts. No ym-ing. No mass sms-ing friends. When I get home, i don't hit the tube once i plop down the bed like i used to. I just turn my trusty Aneca on for my tunes (which unfortunately doesn't fit her anymore). I sleep early and get my usual tv fix on reruns in the morning. Quiet. My life's so quiet. And i like it this way.

I turned down going to this huge once-in-a-blue-moon thing for a friend. That usually pisses that heck out of me. It would take me days to get over it. And though i still dislike not going, unbelievably, I'm ok with it. I still love them to bits, but i guess i gotta grow up and stick to my priorities. And I'm ok with it.

If somehow this is some grace from my biggest Fan (almost always is), huge thanks. Everything feels right now. I'm feeling lucky and happy and blessed. My bliss trifecta. Love it.

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