Tuesday, August 15, 2006

For love of the game.

Got woken up by a text message from an old friend. Reminded me of one of those old stupid pacts you made with friends when you were young and clueless. Well, we were in highschool and im pinning it on boredom. For a group of catholic school girls, then engrossed with the Philippine Basketball Association, the name sounded befitting. I was personally rooting for San Miguel then, at an era of the Alaska Dynasty. Forever the underdog, but loved them anyway. Except when they're playing against now defunct Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs (hahaha whatta name), on which the love of my daydreaming life since i was 6, Jerry Codinera suited for. (I had a crush on him since I saw his movie with Alvin Patrimonio, and Paul Alvarez, where then cute girl now uber-butch Aiza Seguerra turns into a ball. Forgot the title. But I digress. This is an obsession deserving of its own blog entry someday). Yup, a ballgame bonded us, plus a tonful memories of laughter, tears, tigbakan and laglagan.

Has it been 9 years? Guess time and distance screwed us, but we will always have the table in the middle of them all.

For whatever it's worth, happy anniversary!
Miss you and love you all to bits.

Atin-atin lang to, maglalabas nito, babanatan ko. hehehe violence.

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