Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pricey slice of heaven

Beb and I went cake hunting yesterday and since we had one heck of a budget courtesy of the co. , there was only one place in mind. Now, Bizu is always the one place we want to dine in but we seem to be running low on the moolah everytime we wanted to try it out. And since we had the perfect excuse and the money to match, we braved to go in the popular pricy bistro and try out their entrees and most especially their cakes. Beb and i had the very scrumptious sounding roast leg of lamb and risotto valenciana. While waiting for our meal, i had asked for the patisserie menu and pointed out the cakes, macarons and truffles i'll have to go. As i was going down the list and pointed out which ones i like, the guy waiting on us was looking at me like i'm some weird crazy chick who gets her kick from sugar. What?!? I like my sweets. Screw Atkins. (",)

The meal did not let us down, so did the bottomless fruit juices we downed alongside it. I had 3 glasses of melon juice (imagine, melon?!? it's not summer and they have melon?!?), while beb tried all their flavors out (goodluck to your tummy, my adventurous guy). When the bill came, it all explained what the waiter's look was about. One day, when i grow old and wrinkly (yay!), i will tell my grandkids the story on how i spent 5k+ on cakes one lazy afternoon. Well, im looking at it this way. It's free, and i earned my Bizu privilege card. So anybody's who's willing to pay my way to Bizu (will i ever get lucky again?), i've got a juicy discount for you. So tag me along, will ya?. Please? (",)

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