Saturday, August 26, 2006

Don't Shoot the Messenger

People often come to me for advices. I don't mind, really. I'm happy to give my two cents on everything, as long as it helps. But the thing that pushes my button is when people come to me when they already made up their mind on what they want to hear. They expect me to reaffirm their cause. When i see things the other way, i am the evil witch ( or something that rhymes with witch) that failed them.

I get it. We don't always like what we hear, especially if it resembles any truth we incidentally deny. Truth sucks. It sucks harder when it smacks you in the face. But if i love you or care for you in any way, may you be a kin or a friend, i will bear forth the truth, good/bad news version. And even finely minced truth, sugar coated in the sweetest form I can possibly come up with will hurt, especially if you have no plan of hearing it. It'll smack you in a million finely minced pieces over and over again.

So next time you push me to psychoanalize you in any way, just hear me out, then take it or leave it. It's your life, not mine. And although i have the best intentions of helping you, i won't take it to heart if you don't agree with what i said. I may be just as right as i may be dead wrong. If i happen to give you a thought you'd rather not like to hear, don't shoot it down and say i don't know any better. You asked for it, you got it. Don't ever, ever come to me when you already made up your mind. It will do us both no good. If you can't leave an open mind from the start, just keep it that way, close and shut. Leave me be and i'll let you be. Save us both a lot more happy time in our own little separate worlds.

Note to self: When I grow up, i will not mistake youth for inexperience. You'll never know what you'll learn from the youth. As today's adults say, this is a much different, difficult world we all live in. It takes a lot more character to mess with the world now. What more will it be for them when it's our time to play adults. Live, love, let be.

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