Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cosmic coffee

When you question the universe why it seems that the stars are aligning to conspire against you and your diskarte, believe me, the answer will come to you.

It came to me like a rampaging bull this morning. Thru my mobile phone.

Him: Magandang gabi! Pwedeng mang-istorbo?
This was one of last night's sms. Of course, I was already sleeping. So replied this morning.

Me: Sorry, kagabi pa pala to, ngayon lang ako nakasagot. Aga kasi ako natutulog.
Him: Ok lang after ko naman itext sa yo yon, inaantok na rin ako, hehehe. Gandang umaga!
Me: Eh kung nagkataon pala iniwan mo ko sa ere? (",)
Him: Ganun na nga, ok lang para quits tayo. Smile, it's a great day.
What the ....?!?

Me: Anong quits? Wala naman akong ginawa sa yo ha (pilit na (",) )
I knew what was coming, but I had to ask anyway. I'm into pain like that.

Him: Tinulugan mo kaya ako at di na nagreply 5 years ago. Highschool ka pa noon.
I guess each of us have our own little battles. We aren't always losing or always winning. Picking sides isn't really an option. The moment, the situation chooses what side you're going to be on. We'll always have a hand when it all begins, but more often that you would have it, have no idea when we'll see its end.

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