Sunday, February 05, 2006

I'm Calling It Quits.

Guilt kicked in, but feck it, do i deserve this?

Beb got a little stint playing host to a school event cum fashion show on Sabado night at Club Halo. Feeling less than perfect (gf) lately, i hauled ass to Makati via LRT and MRT (nag-effort talaga ako promise). I had a slight episode at the Taft Station of MRT, almost got lost but survived to tell the tale. However, my MRT fiasco doesn't even hold a candle beside the following series of events, so i'm skipping that. Let's get on with one of the reasons I'm thankful I'm not in college anymore.

So Beb and his friend, Yari, another host for the event, 30 minutes after their call time, picked me up at Ayala Station. Calls were ignored on our way to Amorsolo, and the hosts longed for Rodik's, but luckily for the organizers, the place was closed. My ticket tells me that the show goes on from six onwards, and t'was past seven already so, yipee, i could just enter the club and plant my behind in some obscure seat at the back. We arrive, the poor hosts got glared, and i got stopped at the gates. Apparently, they weren't letting people in yet (calm down. calm. down.), so i just grabbed beb's keys and patiently waited in the van with my cosmo mag. Beb wonderfully checked in on me every five minutes or so, ask if i was ok, to which i respond, "Ok lang, buhay pa." Carbon monoxide poisoning still not evident, at least on the outside. Feck it.

A small, very eager crowd were amassing in the parking lot and at 10 past eight, they finally let the "early birds" in. I could have bailed, but being minutes so close to my bedtime, the energy 's starting to slip, and it's easier to just give up the lost cause. If there ain't no "OUTSIDER" red stamp mark across my forehead, my self-appropriated bar stool as far from the runway as i could possibly find probably gave me away. I was being a good girlfriend, just like i imagined i would be (Ouch talaga, Just. Still hurts.). Looking like the pahtey wouldn't start anytime within the next century, I tried to catch the attention of some guys in the room, particularly those behind the bar. Found my usual, i-don't-wanna-get-drunk-but-i-wanna-drink-now mix, frozen margarita on the menu, and by the time the fecking fashion show started, i was on the drink no. 2, with SMB strong Ice chasing it. The moments after was a haze, there were people wearing sunglasses against artificial light at 10 pm, college demigods in barely-dare clothes, a beach wear walk off ala Zoolander. I swear I could have easily broke me some shards of glass and slit my wrist then and there, but still i thank God I had text angels. Maebz, Joyz, Just, if only for this, i owe you forever. By the time they were awarding the model of all models of the night, (i missed the talent and the question and answer portions) I downed a respectable 4 glasses of frozen margaritas and a bottle and a half of Strong Ice. The people on stage were happy, and I, wishing i could be more inebriated, just cheered for beb.

Ayan, quits-quits na ha.

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