Monday, February 19, 2007

Back in the Mix

Why do I feel a little off when life's starting to feel "normal" again?

Saying "I'll pass, iinom nyo na lang ako." have been my constant reply to friends when invited to the usual night outs, obviously due to pressing reasons. But saturday night has been a welcomed change in my home-work routine. This time, it was for Techie's post bday celeb.

It was with the girls, as always. Techie, maebz, trinz, deb, yeng, with dale, me with beb. It was at our usual hole-in-the-wall, Unplugged, with our favorite band, Acoustic Jive, playing. It was their usual playlist, Sting covers, plus the favorites, Erasure, Bonnie Rait, etc.etc.

Of course, there were always a few surprises. Dale sang John Mayer's "Your Body is a Wonderland", much to the girls' delight. This, after VP's performance, is starting to be a very entertaining initation for the boylets of the group. As Lola Mae puts it "Naku, sumasama ka dyan? Eh nagpapaimpluensya sa mga kaibigan yan". Lolo Romy also did a number on U2's With or Without You in Bossa, so well in fact that I wonder why didn't anybody thought of it before. Malupet to say the least.

It was a great "usual" night for us. And I'm happy I've gone out. So why am I feeling a tad off? Maybe because all these seems fleeting when you now know life can suddenly happen. Maybe the fear will really never go away. But just to end with a happy note, to my super friends, I'm just crushed to know I was missed. Thanks for showing me some love. It's so... normal.

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